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Hon’ble President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and the members!

Heartiest Welcome to you all to the 44th Annual meeting of the General Body of the Indian Social Science Academy (formerly, Indian Academy of Social Sciences)! Last year we had met at Periyar University, Salem (Tamil Nadu). This year we are meeting here at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology at Bhubaneswar. This is our second meeting. We had met here in December 2012. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology has a beautiful campus and serene environment for those who wish to discover and develop new science of Nature-Human-Society relevant to and capable of creating a new and better India; an India that is free from perenial hunger, poverty, diseases, discrimination, exploitation of nature as well as humans; an India that is truly non-violent, free from all kinds of violence, rapes, murders, communal and ethnic hatred and violence; an India that stands on its own S&T; an India that is truly democratic and humane . Let all of us devote to this task and endeavour to make our Indian Social Science Academy, a truly and worthy National Science Academy, a torch bearer and harbinger of new India.

This golden opportunity to you and our Academy has been offered by the founder of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Prof. Achyut Samanta. Information of the crisis due to withdrawal of the invitation by BHU to host XLII Indian Social Science Congress between December 15-19, 2018 at Varanasi reached him on Nov 13, 2018 through his colleagues, Dr. Sasmita Samanta, Prof Biswa Bandita Kar and Prof. Bansidhar Mulia, while he was lying on bed due to spinal injury. He asked them to contact Prof. Santosh K.Kar , the former President of the Indian Social Science Academy and through him the General Secretary immediately. Negotiations followed and the Executive Council resolved to accept KIIT invitation for hosting the XLII Indian Social Science Congress. We all are, indeed , grateful to Prof.Achyut Samanta and his colleagues for it. His unconditional loving support has given us a new hope in growing anti-science political climate. Let us hope that with his unconditional support Indian Social Science Academy shall continue its forward march amidst all kinds of hostility, chaos and disorder. May we express our thanks to Prof Achyut Samanta and wish him a long and healthier life. Let us also invite him and his beautiful creation called KIIT and KISS to join ISSA as Life fellows and institutional members. Together we can do wonders.

Mr. President Sir!

May I now seek your permission to present a brief report of what we have been able to do during the year 2018-19. Prof. Binod C. Agrawal took the charge of presidentship of ISSA from Prof. K.S. Sharma on April 7, 2018. The newly elected Executive Council for 2018-19 held its first meeting on May 26, 2018 at New Delhi. So what is reported below is the result of collective works of the Executive Council under the Presidentship of Prof Binod C .Agarwal. The report is categorised into following groups:

  1. Indian Social Science Congress
  2. Seminars/Symposia/Colloquia/Workshops
  3. State Social Science Academy and State Social Science Congress
  4. Research Centres
  5. Research Journals
  6. Publications
  7. Award of Gold Medals
  8. National Science Translation Centre
  9. Building
  10. Facing the Future


As per directive of the General Body, the Executive Council initiated appropriate action for organizing the XLII Inidan Social Science Congress in 2018 and now the Congress is in progress here at KIIT since yesterday.

The Council negotiated with Gujarat University, Gujarat Vidyapith and Central University Gujarat for hosting the XLII Indian Social Science Congress; failure led to new negotiation with Banaras Hindu University. Invitation from Banaras Hindu University was accepted on May 26, 2018. It was resolved that the XLII Indian Social Science Congress will be held between December 15-19 , 2018, at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. First announcement for holding the XLII ISSC was issued in May, 2018 and second announcement in July 2018. Third announcement in form of 70 page booklet was printed and circulated in October, 2018. The Council Constituted National Academic Advisiory Committee, formulated objectives ,issues, themes/sub-themes of ‘ Human Future In Digital Era’ , the focal theme of the XLII ISSC. It planned 12 National/International and Seminars/Symposia/Colloquia/ Workshops.

It nominated local and outstation Chairpersons of 28 Research Committees in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, it nominated the chairpersons and convenors of 12 proposed National Seminars/Symposia/Colloquia/Workshops. However, crisis appeared emerging at Banaras Hindu University on Sept 01, 2018. The Vice-Chancellor convened a meeting of the local organizing committee on Sept, 06, 2018. It became clear that the local organizing secretary is determined to sabotage. The Vice-Chancellor asked the Dean of Social Science Faculty to handle the situation. Dean called a meeting of Social Science Faculty on Sept 7,2018 and resolved to hold the 42nd Indian Science Congress. However, the Registrar of BHU stood in the way as the local Organizing Secretary was his nominee. The Vice-Chancellor did not approve the organizing Committee list submitted by the Dean. Social Science faculty tussle between the Dean and the local organizing Secretary and the Registrar grew. The Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar refused to forward the application to the UGC for Grant on one or other pretext. One of the reasons given by the Registrar was names of scientists invited to deliver plenary and public lectures. Meanwhile the Local organizing secretary mailed a list of new organizing committee on Oct 25, 2018 . The list mentioned the Vice-chancellor as its chairman and the Registrar as the Convernor. He stated, that the Vice-Chancellor had convened meeting of the new organizing committee on October 30, 2018 at 3.00pm in committee room no I. He invited the President , the President-Elect, the Member Secretary and the General Secretary to the proposed meeting, Neither the registrar nor the Vice-chancellor responded to General Secretarys’ query seeking confirmation of the date and time of the proposed meeting. The local organizing Secretary called on the General Secretary on Oct 27, 2018 at 5.00pm and re-invited him to the 30th Oct meeting. President, Prof. Binod C. Agarwal, the Member-Secretary ,Prof.D.M. Dewakar and Dr.N P Chaubey attended the meeting of the new organizing Committee on Oct 30, 2018 at 3.00pm. During the meeting it became clear that the Vice-Chancellor had not covened the meeting as he was out of station and the Registrar did not attend it. The local organizing Secretary did not allow discussion on the circulated agenda. Rather he invited discussions on his proposals. Two hours of discussions did not result in approval of his proposal. Then he made an announcement of withdrawal of invitation by the Vice-Chancellor of BHU to the Indian Social Science Academy for hosting the XLII ISSC. Next day, i.e, Oct 31, 2018, the General Secretary wrote to the Vice-Chancellor attaching minutes of the 30th Oct , 2018. But the Vice-Chancellor did not responsed to it. The Local Organizing Secretary mailed on Nov 02, 2018 stating that his announcement of Oct 30, 2018 ,has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor. General Secretary again wrote to the Vice-Chancellor seeking clarification. But the Vice-chancellor did not respond to it. Thus XLII ISSC had to be postponed.

Postponement of XLII ISSC information was mailed to EC, all chairpersons/convernors, all the members and the participants. Some Universities started responding. First invitation was received from KIIT on Nov, 16, 2018. The Executive Council considered KIIT’s invitation at its emergent meeting on Nov 18, 2018 and resolved to accept it. Now the 42nd Indian Social Science Congress is in progress and shall conclude on Dec 31, 2018. What is great about KIIT is that it has offered to pay travel expenses of resourced persons upto Rs 12 lakhs out of its resources. Till date neither UGC, nor ICSSR nor MHRD(NIEPA) or nor any other funding body has responded to ISSA request for the Grant for XLII Indian Social Science Congress. Nothing can be said about it.

Over 324 papers have been printed in Vol 42 of Social Science Abstracts, 2018. Its copy is with every member. More papers have been received. The same will be printed after the Congress is over. Members are welcome to take active part in the deliberations and prepare and mail their reports for incorporation in the proceedings later on.


The Executive Council had planned following 12 National/International seminars/symoposia/colloquia/ workshops on issues related to ‘Human Future in Digital Era’

  1. Current Status of Indigenous Research And Theory of Digital Technology
  2. Impact of Digital Technology on Politics, State And Democracy
  3. Impact of Digitilization of Information on Library And Reading Habbits
  4. Impact of Digitilization of the world on Human Freedom and Existence
  5. Impact of Digitilization on Language
  6. Impact of Digitilization/Information Technology on School And University Education
  7. Impact of Geographic Information Systems on Future of Human
  8. Impact of Digital Technology on Trade and Commerce
  9. Impact of Digital Technology on Indian Economy and Indian People
  10. Twenty First Century Digital Technology, World Economy And World Peoples Conditions
  11. Relevance and Validity of Selective Approach To University Education System
  12. M.M. Malviya’s Vision of University Education

Only few of these are being held here. Response is not as expected. Negotiation for collaboration in organisation of international symposium is on with some institutions. At the moment there is nothing concrete to mention.

It may be noted that ISSA members have organized following 4 Pre-Congress Symposia on ‘Human Future in Digital Era’:

  1. National Institute of Science Technology Development Studies ,New Delhi organized a symposium on ‘Human Future in Digital Era’ on Oct 11, 2018 at New Delhi. Over 50 Scientists took part in it.
  2. Andhra University held a symposium on ‘Human Future in Digital Era’ on Oct 31,2018 at Visakhapatnam, Over 150 scientists from all over Andhra Pradesh took part in it.
  3. Uttar Pradesh Social Science Academy organized a symposium on ‘Impact of Digital Technology on the Peoples Of Uttar Pradesh’ on December 11,2018 at Lucknow. Over 325 Scientists took part in it.
  4. GLS University organized Pre-Congress Symposium on ‘Human Future in Digital Era’ on December 7, 2017at Ahmadabad. Over 350 scientists took place in it.


Members from Bihar, Odisha and U.P have made some headway in establishing State level Social Science Academics in their States.All the three have drawn their constitution and held some symposia. U.P Social Science Academy orgainsed one Pre-Congress Symposium on December 11, 2018 as stated above. Bihar Social Science Academy, Odisha Social Science Academy and U.P Social Science Academy are planning to organise first Bihar Social Science Congress, U.P Social Science Congress and Odisha Social Science Congress in 2019. Progress for establishment of Delhi Social Science Academy, Karnataka Social Science Academy and Tamil Nadu Social Science Academy is slow. Andhra Social Science Academy may be formed during 2019-20. All these Academies will be autonomous and fuction in Indian Languages.

Formation of autonomous state Social Science Academies and their functioning in Indian Languags is of great scientific significances. It will help in flowering of creative potentialities of our young scientists.


ISSA has set up following 3 interdisciplinary Research Centres:

  1. Rural Development Study Centre
  2. Survey Research Centre
  3. ISSA Silver Jublee Peoples’ Centre For Theoretical and Policy Research

Executive Council appointed Prof H.N. Mishra as HODs Director of Rural Development Study Centre in 2017. The other two Centres are without the director. Till date Rural Development Study Centre has not started functioning.


The Executive Council has appointed Prof Sudhanshu Bhushan as the new Editor of Bharatiya Samajik Chintan and Dr. Sima Baiya as its Managing Editor . A new Editorial Board has been constituted. Prof Bhushan is planning for regular publication of Bharatiya Samajik Chintan with effect from 2018. Prof. V Prakasam, the former editor ,has been requested to update the back volumes till 2017.


Social Science Abstracts, Vol 42, 2018 has been published. The proposed volume on ‘Indian University Education System’ could not be printed as majority of the contributiors did not submit the final texts. Efforts will be made to bring it in 2019. Several other volumes are pending.


The Executive Council had setup a Gold Medal Award committee. But meeting of the committee could not be held because of crisis related to XLII Indian Social Science Congress.


As per resolution of this House 2016 an effort to setup National Science Translation Centre (NSTC) was made. The then President, Prof.B.M Hegde wrote to all Vice-Chancellors/Directors inviting them to extend their financial and academic collaborative support . A few Vice-Chancellors responded. The Executive Council appointed Prof R.R Yadava as its Hon.Director. However ,no futher progress has been made in this direction. Prof. Yadava has not shown any interest in it till date despite repeated requests perhaps because now he is a Vice-Chancellor.


Several efforts to translate resolution of this house regarding Construction of Building on the land of Peoples Council of Education for the Headquarters of ISSA were made in the past. But till date no progress could be made.


Mr. President sir and the Hon’ble Members !

Whatever has been stated in the preceding paras offered a glimpse of our pursuits during 2018-19. It is not very encouraging . The Hon’ble members are most welcome to dissect and subject it to serious interrogation. It would be fruitful if all of us can locate our dissection/Interogations in the current social reality in India in particular, and world in general. We also need to introspect over our dreams, deeds, pursuits and social climate during last 44 years. Sincere exercise of this kind, I am, sure, will enable us to take the Indian Social Science Academy forward amidst rising fire of hostility all around us and we may succeed flying its flag high.

Today Indian Social Science Academy (ISSA) is a unique Science Academy in the whole world.Why? Because it is the only Science Academy that advocates indivisibility of Science of Nature-Human-Society . because it is the only Science Academy that advocates Social character of Science of Nature-Human-Society which is true, but consciously or unconsciously ignored by our scientists; because it is the only Science Academy in this whole world, which is free from politics and which has been advocating science without politics; because it is the only National Science Academy that has been advocating India’s self-reliance on its own Science and Technology; because it is the only National Science Academy that has been advocating education and research in India languages for flowering of creative potentialities of young Indians, which is a must for India becoming self-reliant in S&T as well in its economy, politics, education and culture; above all it is the only Academy opposed to brain-drain from India since its inception on August 15, 1947.

A question may be raised in: Why does Government of India, which funds other Science Academies and Indian Social Congress Association refuse to fund Indian Social Science Academy? Answer is simple but true: Because Indian Social Science Academy keeps away from politics and refuses to be part of U.S network in India working against indigenous Science and Technology. After a long prsuits DST had sanctioned Rs 30 Lakhs as annual recurring grant in 2010-11 with a promise that it will be raised to the higher sustainable level in due course. But it had to cancel on the intervention of unknown peoples operating in Indo-US Science Commission. Prof. B.M. Hegde as the president took up the matter with the DST Secretary and S&T Minister in 2016. A delegation of ISSA submitted a memorandum to the DST Secretary. Prof B.M. Hegde submitted another memorandum to the Minister for Science and Technology, Dr Harsha Vardhan in May 2017, who promised to sanction the recurring grant to the Indian Social Science Academy. Till date nothing has been heard from the DST. The Secretary and the Minister, both ,developed cold feet. Late Sri Arjun Singh, as the then minister of Human Resource Development had directed the Secretary to sanction an annual grant of Rs 5 Crore and give an appropriate grant to University of Allahabad for construction of the building of the Academy at the University’s land. Instead of acting upon it the Secretary sought views of ICSSR which did not support the proposal. It is well known that half of the foundation money to ICSSR was given by Ford Foundation and that those who run ICSSR as social scientists are in the good book of Ford Foundation.Such is the bitter truth. The hope that the present government being more nationalist and patriotic in its posturing shall promote bodies like Indian Social Science Academy too stand shattered . Now anti-science climate is much more hostile and fatal. Question is: Can Indian Social Science sustain itself now? Its answer has to be sought by all our members honestly and sincerely.

One answer provided by Prof. Achyut Samanta is yes, the Indian Social Science Academy can survive and march forward. How? By building bonds with peoples like Prof. Samanta and with the peoples of all sections.

The other answers is ‘no’, it is no longer possible to walk without politics. It is for the members of ISSA to choose.

 Hon’ble President and Members

Indian Social Science Academy is the sweetest dream of my life. I left all the luxuries of life for it. My family suffered . But I never bothered about it. I enjoyed doing all that I could for ISSA. I shall continue doing whatever I can in next two-three years of my life. I shall continue hoping against hope . One day ISSA ,will succeed in creating a new Science of Nature-Human-Society which will create the India of our sweet dream. But I am no longer capable of shouldering the responsibility of ISSA General Secretary. I shall try to finish the unfinished task within the remaining period of my life.

Executive Council and this House had asked me to locate an appropriate member for the post of the General Secretary .Three decades of search has finally yielded a fruitful result. The member who can fill in the vaccum and do better is Prof. D.M . Diwakar. I introduce Prof. Diwakar to this house. He has been Director of A.N Sinha Institute and is a brilliant economist . My proposal is: let this house elect Prof. Diwakar as the new General Secretary of ISSA .

Whatever we have been able to do is result of collective mental and physical labour with high sense of devotion.Some of them who do their best to fly the flags of ISSA high at its are: Sri Abhishak Kumar, Sri R.Joseph, Sri Vinod Chandra Pandey, Sri Rakesh Tripathi , Sri Nitin Kumar Pandey and Sri Santosh Kumar. Except Joseph All of them are here. I wish to thank them profusely.

Very large number of people of all categories supported ISSA since its inception. They included peons,sweepers, clerks,research students, printers and publishers and social workers of all houses.Majority of them are dead. It is not possible to mention their names as the same mat take 20-30 pages. I cannot find appropriate word for expressing my feelings to them. But I can say with a sense of pride that I have kept their wish and expectations and have not betrayed them, though there were several moments of betrayal.

One person who has stood with me in all kinds of ups and downs and provided great strength to me is Dr Sushma. She is a dedicated life fellow of ISSA. I am guilty of causing her all kinds of mental, economic and social pains. I would have not been able to do what I did without her unconditional and loving support. I cannot find appropriate word for expressing my gratitude to her. Hope she will pardon me for all my sins. I am also guilty of causing sufferings to our children, particular by my son ,Varun Kumar Not that I did not love them, but cause of ISSA was above everything.