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As per original plan the Publication Division is to produce scientific literature in Indian languages for schools, colleges and universities. There has to be a sub-unit within the Publication Division for each Indian language. At present the Division functions on Ad Hoc basis and the decision of producing publication of books/monographs/journals in Indian languages has remained a dream. What, however, has been accomplished is that over 50 books, 40 volumes of Social Science abstracts and 40 volumes of Bharatiya Samajik Chintan have been published by the Division. Besides, numerous small publications have been brought out by it. Several Volumes are under editing.

As stated above The Indian Academy of Social Sciences has published numerous books/monographs/special papers during last 42 years. Some of these can be thematically grouped into following 14 categories:

  1. Science and Technology Research And Development and Its Interface:
    The Academy has published the following books dealing with S&T research and development and its interface:
    1. Social Perspective of Development of Science and Technology in India
      Editors: B.V. Ranga Rao and N.P. Chaubey
    2. Social Perspective of Utilization of Indigenous Science and Technology
      Editors: B. Sarkar, M.A. Qureshi and N.P. Chaubey
    3. Social Perspective In Micro Processing and Information Technology
      Editors : R. Sadanand and B. Sarkar
    4. Deprivation and Human Personality: Current Theory and Reserch
      Editors: L.P. Pandey, Rajni Patni and N.P. Chaubey
    5. Impact of Science and Technology on Indian Society
      Editors: S.N. Ghosh And N.P. Chaubey
    6. Information Technology, Peoples Development and Culture
      Editors: C.M. Bhadari, Ashok K. Gupta and N.P. Chaubey
    7. Tribal Techniques, Social organizations and Development: Disruption and Alternates
      Editor: N.P. Chaubey
    8. Knowledge for New World Order
      Editor: B. Sarkar
  2. Socio-Economic Development, Democracy And Social Justice: Some of the publications deal with socio-economic development of India. These are:
    1. The Myth of Planned Development
      Editors: E. Haribabu, B. Sarkar and N.P. Chaubey
    2. Imperatives of Democratic Planning in India (A Monograph)
      Author: Ranjit Sau
    3. Social Cost of Bonded Labour
      Editors: M.K. Patra, Ramashankar and N.P. Chaubey
    4. Nurturants of Bonded Labour
      Editors: U.P. Arora, M.K. Patra, Ramashankar and N.P. Chaubey
    5. Social Implications of Development: The Asian Experience
      Editors: M.S. Gore, G. Pant and N.P. Chaubey
    6. Fifty Years of Freedom of India: State, Nation and People
      Editors: K. Raghavendra Rao, Asok K. Maiti, D. Panda and N.P. Chaubey
    7. Population Change and Rural Development
    8. Democracy, Peoples’ Development and Culture: The Emerging Challenges and Initiatives
      Editors: D. Panda and N.P. Chaubey
    9. Terrorism, State Terrorism and Democratic Rights (A Monograph)
      Author: Randhir Singh
    10. Special Economic Zones
    11. Social Justice and Social Processes In India
      Editor: Madhav N. Menon
    12. Elephant in the Mirror
      Author: H.M. Marulasiddaiah
    13. Impediments to Social Change in India
      Author: D. Panda
  3. Education
    1. Education and Family Welfare Planning
    2. Author: B.N. Sarkar
    3. Indian University Education System
  4. Health:
    1. Sociology and Politics of Health
      Author: D. Banerji
    2. Evolution of India’s Health Policy 1947-2001:An Appraisal
      Author: Saumya Panda
    3. Towards Health Care For All: Some Key Issues
      Author: Anant Phadke
    4. Political Economy of (Breast) Cancer
      Author: Sthabir Dasgupta
    5. Peoples Health as Quality of life