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S.No. Title Type Price
1. Rediscovering Marxism of Karl Marx by Randhir Singh Paperback 30.00
2. Secularism in India by MS Gore (Ed) Deluxe 200.00
Paperback 130.00
3. Social Justice and Social Process in India by N.R. Madhav Menon (Ed) Deluxe 250.00
Paperback 150.00
4. Social Implications of Development: The Asian Experience by MS Gore, G. Pant and N.P. Chaubey Deluxe 180.00
Paperback 120.00
5. Indian Society at the Turn of the Century by N.P. Chaubey (Ed)   200.00
6. The Myth of Planned Development by E. Haribabu, B. Sarkar and N.P. Chaubey (Eds) Deluxe 230.00
Paperback 130.00
7. Regional Planning and Development   10.00
8. Imperatives of Democratic Planning in India by Ranjit Sau Paperback 20.00
9. Impact of Science and Technology on Indian Society by S.N. Ghosh & N.P. Chaubey (Eds)   80.00
10. Social Perspective of Development of Science and Technology in India by B.V. Rangarao & N.P. Chaubey (Eds)   100.00
11. Tribal Techniques, Social Organisations and Development: Disruption and Alternates by N.P. Chaubey (Ed)   100.00
12. Social Perspective of Generation and Utilization of Indigenous Science and Technology by B. Sarkar, M.A. Qureshi and N.P. Chaubey(Eds) Deluxe 160.00
Paperback 100.00
13. Social Perspective in Microprocessors and Information Technology by R. Sadananda and B. Sarkar (Eds) Deluxe 75.00
Paperback 50.00
14. Deprivation And Human Personality: Current Theory and Research by L.P. Pandey,Rajni Patni and N.P. Chaubey Deluxe 250.00
Paperback 200.00
15. Knowledge for New World Order by B. Sarkar Individua 30.00
Library 50.00
16. Fifty Years of Freedom of India: State, Nation and People by K Raghavendra Rao, Asok K. Maiti, D. Panda and N.P. Chaubey (Eds) Deluxe 250.00
Paperback 100.00
17. Terrorism, State Terrorism and Democratic Rights by Randhir Singh Member 15.00
Nonmember 20.00
Library 25.00
18. Social Cost of Bonded Labour by U.P. Arora, M.K. Patra, Ramshankar and N.P. Chaubey   20.00
19. Nurturants of Bonded Labour by U.P. Arora, M.K. Patra, Ramshankar and N.P. Chaubey   10.00
20. Democracy, Peoples' Development And Culture: The Emerging Challenges And Iniatives by D. Panda and N.P. Chaubey Deluxe 350.00
Paperback 150.00
21. Population Change And Rural Development Paperback 100.00
22. Emerging International Order And Foreign Policy options For India by P.M. Kamath (Ed.) Deluxe 260.00
Paperback 150.00
23. Education and Family Welfare Planning By B. N. Sarkar Deluxe 410.00
24. Social Science Abstracts (Yearly Publication)* Individual 300.00
Library 400.00
25. Bharatiya Samajik Chintan (Quarterly Journal in English)** Library 300.00
Individual 200.00
Foreign $80.00
26. Samayik Samajik Chintan (Quarterly Journal in Hindi) Library 250.00
Individual 200.00
Foreign $80.00
27. Towards Health-Care For All : Some Key Issues by Dr. Anant Phadke Library 45.00
Individual 20.00
28. Indian Human Development In A Nation by Ranjit Sahu Library 30.00
Individual 15.00
29. Indian Human Development In A Nation by Ranjit Sahu Paperback 120.00
Deluxe 250.00
30. Sociology And Politics of Health For All In India by D. Banerji Library 25.00
Individual 15.00
31. Evolution of India’s Health Policy 1947-2001: An Appraisal by Saumya Panda Library 30.00
Individual 20.00
32. Facing The Challenges of Globalisation by S.N. Ghosh Library 30.00
Individual 20.00
33. Elephant In The Mirror By H.M. Marulasiddaiah Library 30.00
Individual 20.00
34. Impediments To Social Change In India by D. Panda Library 50.00
Individual 30.00
35. ISSA and the Rural Youth (English & Telugu) by Dr. N.P. Chaubey   15.00
36. Political Economy of (Breast) Cancer by Sthabir Dasgupta Paperback 50.00
Deluxe 80.00
37. The Tragic Partition of Bengal by Suniti Kumar Ghosh Paperback 200.00
Deluxe 350.00
38. Globalisation, Democracy And Third World (in Bengal), Vol. I & Vol. II    
39. Constructing An Identity: Forging Hindusim Into Harappan Religions By K. M. Shrimali Individual 50.00
Library 90.00
40. On Ethics of Violence by D Panda Paperback 25.00
41. Crisis of Civilisation, Vol. I By N. P. Chaubey and D. Panda Paperback 100.00
Deluxe 200.00
42. Trend Report of XXVIII Indian Social Science Congress    
43. Proceedings of XXVIII Indian Social Science Congress    
44. Presidential Address to XXVIII ISSC by A. K. Tharien    
45. Toward A New Global Society (Presidential Address to XXX ISSC by N. Markandan)    
46. Inaugural Speech to XXXI ISSC by Bhalchandra Mungekar    
47. Proceedings of The XXXII Indian Social Science Congress    
48. Tuning The Media To Science And The New Democratic Global Society (In Press)    
49. Peoples Struggles And Movements For Equitable Society Paperback 700.00
Deluxe 1500.00
50. Special Economic Zones: Economic And Social Perspective (In Press)    
51. {Planet Earth: Peoples, Society And Science (In Press) Paperback 200.00
Deluxe 400.00
52. The Indian Republic At The Crossroads By S.P. Shukla and K.S. Sharma Paperback 300.00
Deluxe 400.00
53. The Indian Republic At The Cross Road: In In Search of Radical And Inclusive Politics by S.P. Shukla   20,00
54. Our Planet In Crisis (In Press)    
55. Our Planet In Crisis: Presidential Address by Meher H. Engineer   20,00
56. Towards A Just Egalitarian Cooperative Social Order XXXV ISSA by Sulabha Brahme   20,00
57. Grounds For Hope by Ramrkishna Bhattacharya Paperback 20,00
58. Our Planet In Crisis by Meher H. Engineer Paperback 20,00
59. Proceedings of XXXV Indian Social Science Congress    
60. Proceedings of XXXVI Indian Social Science Congress    
61. Proceedings of XXXVII Indian Social Science Congress    
62. Proceedings of XXXVIII Indian Social Science Congress    
63. Proceedings of XXXIX Indian Social Science Congress    
64. Building An Ecologically Sustainable Society (In Press)    
65. Knowledge Systems, Scientific Temper And the Indian People (In Press)    
66. Financing of Universities: State Vs Private (In Press)    
67. Emerging Interfaces of Social Science And Public Policy in India Paperback 700.00
Deluxe 1,100.00
68. Presidential Address – Science Need To Be Set Free For The Good of Mankind by Prof. B.M. Hegde Paperback 25.00
69. Indian University Education System (In Press)    
70. Social Science Abstracts, Vol XLI, 2017 Paperback 700.00
71. Bharatiya Samajik Chintan (A Quarterly Theortic Research Journal)